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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancers are 3rd most common cancers in men and 2ndmost common in women. Family history of cancers, inflammatory bowel.diseases, polyps, diet rich in red meat and fat, poor in fiber folate and calcium, sedentary life style, obesity, smoking and diabetes are the risk factors.

Patients may present with rectal bleeding, persistant change in bowel habits, anemia,mass or tenesmus..
Early screening with colonoscopy and diagnosis is essential. for effective treatment to provide the greatest chance of survival.

Surgery remains the definitive treatment for apparently localized colorectal cancers. Both radiotherapy and chemotherapy act as an adjunct and can improve survival rates after surgery.

Laparoscopic anterior resection and abdomino-perineal resection involves multiple small incisions over belly and involve resection of the diseased rectum with healthy margins and lymph nodes and anastamosis of bowel with staplers. Benefits being faster recovery time, early discharge, minimal scarring, early return of bowel function, reduced post-operative pain and dissolvable stitches used to close the small incisions will make the incisons almost invisible in the future.