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CODS has not just helped thousands of urban Indians get a second chance at life, it has also done the same for those who can hardly afford such surgeries. Apart from various health camps and programs that educate, promote and contribute to sustained development, we have also partnered local communities throughout India to strengthen health systems, increase access to medicines and find sustainable solutions to the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

Medical camps

CODS has been conducting free annual medical camps at Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Sumerpur since 2003 to allow the poorer sections of our country to benefit from advances in medical science, namely laparoscopic surgery.

Each year our entire team led by Dr. Lakdawala and consisting of expert laparoscopic surgeons, nursing staff and ward boys spend a few days in Sumerpur and perform basic and advanced laparoscopic surgeries free of charge. The lack of medical facilities in Sumerpur and the surrounding areas makes this camp a necessity to people of the region. We've adopted Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital as the base to conduct the camp and also helped put all necessary infrastructures in place to aid the process. Scores of patients with ailments such as gallstones, hernias, appendicitis and gynecological problems have benefited from these camps where the criterion for selection is poverty levels and lack of access to expert clinical care.

To help make this project sustainable CODS has donated an entire laparoscopy kit to Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital and trained the in-house surgeons to use the equipment.


As part of our initiative to help the urban poor CODS sponsors laparoscopic procedures for financially disadvantaged patients at Saifee Hospital. In addition to waiving the surgeon's fees, we pick up all the expenses for medicines and equipment that may be levied by the hospital.

Diabetes diagnosis camps

As part of this initiative, we conduct free testing of patients for blood pressure and blood sugar levels on a walk-in basis. These camps are held regularly across Maharashtra as part of our effort to stamp out diabetes and prevent it from turning into an epidemic. We also dispatch a team consisting of plastic, general and vascular surgeons, endocrinologists and diabetologists to attend to people with Diabetic Foot Syndrome or those who have had their feet amputated as a result of diabetes and vascular complications.