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Diverticular Disease

Diverticulum is a small pouch with a narrow neck that protrudes through the wall of gut. It can develop anywhere in the intestine but is more common in large bowel (sigmoid colon).

Postulated reason for developing diverticular disease is not eating enough fibre (fibre Is part of food that is undigested).
Most patients present have no symptoms. Few present with intermittent low crampy abdominal pain, and bloating. Diverticulitis presents with severe pain,fever and sepsis.

Contrast CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis and colonoscopy helps in diagnosis.

High fibre diet should be advised. In case of a diverticular perforation, laparoscopic lavage with resection of the diseased segment of bowel with stapler anastomosis with or without defunctional stoma depending on severity of peritonitis is performed.