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Financial Loans from Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj FinservA trusted name – Bajaj Fin Serv offers a variety of loans for weightloss surgery. With their tie up with CODS, patients can now pay as little as 30% as down payment on weight loss surgery and the balance over the next 12 months.

With a dedicated resource stationed out of our premises, Bajaj FinServ works closely with our patients to ensure a loan approval in 3 minutes.


Documents needed

Credit Surrogate Documents Required
Credit Card Original Charge slip for down payment, Online Credit card transaction statement + KYC + cancelled cheque
Charge slip to carry customer’s name and credit card number. (last 4 digits of number shall suffice)
CIBIL If CIBIL Score >=750 approved. KYC + cancelled cheque
SALARIED Latest Salary slip + ATM slip showing salary credit (Salary slip shall be one in last 2M)+ KYC + Cancelled cheque OR
Latest 2 months Bank Statement showing 2 salary credits + KYC + Cancelled cheque
LISTED Company Empl ID + Visiting Card of the customer + KYC + Cancelled cheque
BANKING SURROGATE 6 Mother Bank statement + KYC + Cancelled cheque