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With India being touted as the diabetes capital of the world and obesity reaching epidemic proportions, CODS put a vision in place to ensure that the generation after us would take to healthier eating habits and shun a sedentary lifestyle. This vision is called Healthstart and we enlisted the help of Supermom and Superkid to help us reel in 9- 15 year olds, and their parents. Healthstart has organized several summer camps and will soon roll out educational programs at schools.

Join the fight

HealthstartMaking habits is easy but the real challenge lies in breaking them. To help kids between 9-15 break out of their bad food and lifestyle habits we hold weeklong summer workshops for children to educate them about healthier eating habits through games and activities. Conducted under the guidance of our resident expert nutritionists who have years of experience in helping patients reform their lifestyle through diet modifications and counselling.

Healthstart's nutrition and healthy living program will soon be rolled out in 25 earmarked schools in Mumbai to reach out to more kids and their parents. We've also taken the initiative to hold week long summer camps for children aged 9 to 15 in order to educate them about healthy eating habits through games and activities. You can enquire about the summer camp date and enrollment procedure by sending us an e-mail at helpdesk@codsindia.com.

To join the fight against childhood obesity visit us at www.healthstart.in.