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As part of our vision to become the one stop shop for health & weight management, we have expanded our range of products to include variety health foods & supplements. There is no need to go all over the city when all your essential health foods are right here at the clinic. We will even courier your shopping list to you if you can't make it to the clinic.

Some of these fantastic tasting foods include:

  • Quinoa - A great carbohydrate to add to salads
  • Whole wheat pasta - A healthier alternative to white pasta
  • Couscous - Replace rice and pasta with this nutritious and delicious carbohydrate
  • Marinades - To add exotic & succulent flavours to your food
  • Reduced sugar ketchup - Tastes just as good but with 50% less sugars
  • Water flavourings - Adds delicious flavours to help your drink 4 litres a day target.

We believe in sustainable healthy eating so we won’t say no to anything, but educate you to be sensible with your choices. So, there is now a small range of treats with reduced fats and sugars. These include:

  • Sugar free gum
  • Reduced sugar jam
  • Low calorie hot chocolate

We even stock sugar free Nicorette gum to help those wanting to quit smoking.

These are just some of the products we stock to help make your lives healthier and easier.
For more information on our full range, contact the clinic or come visit us. Why wait, place your order today.